No Hair, Don't Care 🎗️

I guess in every journey there are ups and downs and only you, the fighter, can choose to put the real out there. My 2nd treatment of AC was Tuesday (7/17/18) and I had a really good week filled with love, lots of time with my family and friends, a shred class, visits, pedicure, fresh egg omelettes and the best home cooked meals...thank you everyone. For those who don't know what "AC" is, it's a combination of two chemotherapy drugs. It takes its name from the initials of these drugs: doxorubicin (also known as Adriamycin) cyclophosphamide.

I guess when you sit with your Dr's and they explain all the side effects of all the drugs you are on and you sit dazed because you still can't believe this is my life you don't really think the hair part will matter at this point. I kept telling myself that hair does not define me. But, as Carrie Bradshaw #sarahjessicaparker says about her shoes, I guess it kind of does.

Going every 6-8 weeks for the perfect highlight and finding the person who cuts your hair to look like #JenniferAniston will have to wait. Walking into Walgreens and cruising the hair aisles in search of the next big thing, will have to wait. I told my friend Jamie I guess the only positive about shaving my head is a "no lice" summer. All you parents know we all fear this from weeks of summer camps.

My hair started to falling out this past Wednesday slowly and by Friday Greg and I were cutting the ends. I woke up Saturday to mounds of hair everywhere. That was the first time in my journey I thought "WHY ME?" I don't want to look different, I am doing everything I can to look normal and be Sloane and Drew's mom.

Well...bye bye hair. See you soon. Straight, curly, dark, light...I guess we'll see soon. I have awesome wigs to rock like #KimZolciakBiermann and as we keep telling our kids, the reason my hair is coming out is because the medicine is working.

The good, the bad, the ugly and most importantly...the "naked" TRUTH

"My hair doesn't define me" - powerful words spoken by the one and only #BadAssBeth


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