My new normal

I am healthy, I go to Shred415 Deerfield every day. Okay, just like everyone I cancel here and there but it truly is my happy place. My life in a nutshell...I eat as healthy as possible while working a full time corporate job with air travel, attempt to prepare and cook meals, entertain my two beautiful girls, double duty bed time (we all know what that entails and the time), do some more work, and finally watch anything and everything Bravo while dozing off. BUT WHY ME??????

My OB told me to add a mammogram to my "to do's", so why did I put it off two years? My kids need squishies or any other ridiculous must have....done, ordered and on it's way from Anything and everything for my kids and husband, I always found the time for them, but there was no time for me. Procrastination is so easy when you're a devoted mother and wife and just couldn’t find the extra time. I'm lucky if I have time to brush my teeth, let alone find the time for a mammogram or even the BRCA Foundation test. (I am BRCA 2+)

Like my life, let’s fast track to the present and the start of my journey and my story and my "new" normal. Thursday, June 14th will forever be a date that is branded in my mind. I was going for my first mammogram and planned on it being just like any other Dr. appointment. But little did I know what was about to ensue to the "supposed" healthy one. The one who does Shred415 almost every day, the one who eats healthy, the one with two beautiful girls and an amazing husband and great family and friends.


The worst part was calling my husband and mom to meet me at he hospital because "I have news and you have to get here." They didn’t even know I was going in for a mammogram.

The rest of the next few days and week was an utter blur, the conversations, the Dr.'s, the nurses....all blurs. Endless tests, Dr. appointments, scans, blood tests, etc. And when I thought the worst parts of the first few days was over, I found myself and my husband (on Father's Day) telling my 5 and 7 year old daughters that Mommy has cancer. No book for raising kids and sure as hell no book on how to tell your kids that Mommy has cancer. I am tough, I am strong, and I have had lows in life and tough days none of us wish for, but that day telling my girls will forever be a low and the worst day of my life.

So through all of this and the journey thus far, is there a light ☀️ at the end of the tunnel? (That is a rhetorical question obviously😉) Of course there is!!! There is a positive in every negative if you look hard enough and are strong enough. I'm going to fight this just like every other struggle and fight I've had and have always kicked ass! That's the only way I know how to live.

But you also need some luck in this crazy journey we call life. And I’m lucky. I’m really, really lucky. First, even though I should have gone earlier, I did finally go on Thursday, June 14, and get that mammogram and we found this horrible disease which is Stage IIB and fortunately did NOT spread. What an amazing thing that is that day we all said we couldn't believe we would be saying "Thank f**king God it's only breast cancer."

Second, I have the most amazing, loving, hot, sexy, dedicated and devoted husband in the world. I told him, "you know how you get married and the Rabbi says in Sickness and Health?" Fortunately I think I chose the right one. The man has really stepped up like no other. He’s been my rock, my shoulder to cry on, lover, best friend and supporter. Babe, you are everything and more and I worship you!

Third, I have the world's most amazing friends. OMG, I’m putting you all through hell and you still love me, call me, text me, want to take my whiny/complaining kids and so much more. Old friends, new friends, Moriah Early Childhood Center friends, Walden friends, Soul 2 Sole Dance, Inc. friends, camp friends, work friends, pool friends, Shred415 Deerfield friends....I love you all! 😘💕

Fourth, family really is everything and when you go through hell and back you really understand and get that. I can’t even begin to thank you all for the constant love, my heart hurts bc I love you all so much.

Fifth, my guardian angel, my godsend, best friend, my Dr, smartest person I have ever known, best hand holder and so much more. Anna Sacks, what the hell would I do without you? OMG, God and the universe works in mysterious ways but thank God you and I were brought together. I’m beyond lucky and blessed to have had you by my side from the beginning and I can’t wait to sit by your pool when I’m 80 and my boobs still look like they did after this journey in my thirties. 😉😂👙

Please continue to follow my journey. There will, of course, be good days and bad. I am who I am. Honest, bold, strong, a badass, loving, Mom to Sloane and Drew and wife to Greg Levy.

I’m brave and I will not let this horrible disease take over me or my life. Oh, and did I mention I love champs🍾 please stop by and cheers with me and don't be a stranger. Hiding is retreating and this journey and myself are out there and will be until we're celebrating being cancer free. And PLEASE feel free to SHARE this post, if this post inspires (please let it) just one of you reading it to get tested for BRCA Foundation and, then part of my new mission will be on it's way...

So let’s get back to how I normally live my life and have the best summer EVER and as my husband says, this is the Summer of Beth Lewis Levy and I’m okay with it. XOXO #BadAssBeth🎗️💕☀️🍾💪

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